Welcome to the District 50 2012-2013 school year. Great things are happening in Harvard!

Welcome from the District 50 Technology Department!

This page accompanies the new staff technology training session.
Please contact the District 50 Helpdesk @ extension 2115 with additional questions or concerns.

District 50 Acceptable Use Policy

  • Use restricted to specific activities related to classroom curriculum
  • Students will be directly supervised
  • Filtering will be used at all times
  • No access to e-mail or chat areas
  • Use limited to information directly related to course content or other approved topics
  • May not obtain, view, or download inappropriate information (illegal, non-school related activities, offensive materials, hate, harassment, discrimination, antisocial, pornographic)
  • May not share name, personal address, phone number

What if?
  • “What if”students inadvertently access a web site with content that is inappropriate or makes them uncomfortable?
  • Student: Turn off monitor, inform teacher
  • Teacher:Visit site as soon as possible, copy URL, print site, use “back” button to determine how student got to this site, inform parent, inform principal, if you deem site inappropriate notify D50 helpdek

Workstation Logon

To log on to the D50 network system:
User Name, type your first initial and your last name without spaces. Press the enter key. Enter the password you were given (usually Harvard1). You will be prompted to change your password. You must change your password or your account will be locked. Your new password must be at least seven characters long. It may not contain any part of your name. Your new password is case-sensitive. Passwords expire every 120 days for your security. You must choose a unique password to renew your account.
Changing your password: At any time, you may change your password. You can change your password from any D50 workstation that you are currently logged into by pressing ctl-alt-delete and choosing the change password option. Alternately, you can change your password through Outlook webmail from any computer by going to Options/Change Password.

Microsoft Outlook E-Mail
Your email address is your first initial and your last name without spaces followed by @cusd50.org
To log onto Outlook Web Access email accounts, enter the password you created when you first signed on to the workstation.

  • Helpful tips -
    • Under "Options" check off to have every e-mail message spell-checked before it is sent.
    • Under "Options" set a signature that includes your name, job position, school, work phone number, and URL for class web site
    • The following disclaimer appears on all outgoing District 50 email messages - "Pursuant to Illinois’ public records law, this written communication may constitute a public record which is available to the public and media upon request. Please be advised that this email communication may be subject to public disclosure."

Aesop Substitute Finder


District 50 Telephone Procedures

District 50 Building Phone and Fax Numbers

Board Office
High School
Jr High School
Jefferson School
Crosby Elementary School
Washington School


To setup your voicemail choose messages, press * and your mailbox #. New users, enter 246810 as the password. The system will then ask you to create your own password. Your voice-mail security code must be at least four digits long and must be a number from zero through nine. Your new voicemails will be available in your email account.

Staff ID's
New ID badges are issued each school year. For the safety of our students and staff, all District 50 personnel are required to wear a current year ID badge at all times on District 50 property. If you lose your ID badge, please see your school office or call the helpdesk (2115).

Door Access Cards

District 50 staff requiring entrance to the buildings outside of regular office hours are issued access cards at the building administrator’s discretion. These cards also allow access to the Ricoh copier/scanners.
Please note the following:
  • Do NOT write your name on the card
  • Keep away from magnetic items.
  • Do not loan your access card to anyone.
  • If you need your access time changed, please have your supervisor contact the Helpdesk.
If you lose your card, contact the helpdesk immediately!

District and School Calendars

District and School Calendars are available online. Calendars can be viewed independently. Each calendar is printable and available for download to import to other calendars.


TeacherLogicXE is a web based teacher attendance and grade book program that is directly linked to the SIRS student management system.
TeacherLogicXE is the program used for attendance in all District grade levels, and for grading in grades 2-12. Teachers in these grades are required to submit grades regularly. Please contact your building administrator for the due date for your buildings weekly grade submission. TeacherLogicXE has many features to enhance communications with students and parents.
TeacherLogicXE has a secure login requiring a unique login name and password. You can access the Logic login pages through our school’s web page www.cusd50.org. If you have not received your username and login for TeacherLogicXE account, or if you have any questions about the program, please contact the helpdesk.


MealsPlus is District 50’s foodservice software. You may participate in the lunch program by depositing money on your MealsPlus account in your school office.

Rosetta Stone

District 50 offers access to the Rosetta Stone program for the following language levels:
Spanish- Level 1 -5
Chinese - Level 1-3
French Level 1 and 2
German - Level 1 and 2
Arabic - Level 1 and 2

The Rosetta Stone program is available for your classroom teacher workstation, or for use from home provided your personal home computer meets the minimum specifications. Please contact the helpdesk if you are interested in enrolling in the Rosetta Stone program.

Deep Freeze

With every system restart, Deep Freeze ensures that computers are reset back to their original protected state, providing workstations with full immunity against software misconfigurations, viruses, malware, and spyware. Faronics Anti-Executable prevents unauthorized software from being installed or run, and lowers energy costs with intelligent energy management.


Spam Filter / Message Archiver / Webfilter


All documents and forms for Human Resources, Staff, Related Services and Technology are located on the District 50 website/Intranet under the Faculty and Staff tab.

Tuesday Tech Tidbyte

Check your email inbox each Tuesday during the school year for a TTT message. Every week we feature a technology topic. All the topics are archived on the intranet resource D50 Blog.


Classroom Resources are found on the District web page (www.cusd50.org) under Students and Parents. There are also resources listed under each school’s library link.

Laptop Carts

All District 50 buildings have laptop carts available for use in your classroom. Please contact your schools library or main office to reserve a cart.


LEARN 360 (Video Streaming): http://www.learn360.com Videos, audio, still images can be streamed live or downloaded and saved on the T_share or J: drive in the Learn 360 folder, or saved in portable formats. Access available at home. User creates his or her own Username and Password.
High School 8519-4925950
Jr High 8519-4925951
Jefferson 8519-4925952
Central 8519-4925949
Washington 8519-7883131
Here is a brief overview of Learn360:

We suggest that you download the videos, not stream them. We also suggest that you download in off-peak hours (try to avoid 10AM-2PM especially).
There is a folder in T-Share network drive labeled Learn360. It doesn’t get deleted so the videos you put in there will be there year after year.


iPad/iTouch resources wiki

Google Apps

Starting with the 2012-2013 school year, District 50 is implementing Google Apps for students grades 6-12 and all staff. Please watch your email for more information.

‍Classroom Websites:

EDMODO: http://cusd50.edmodo.com/
“Get connected with parents and students.” Create your teacher account using the school code: 0ju6b6 To get started, see: http://help.edmodo.com/userguide/
New! Edmodo Teacher Rollout Resources http://help.edmodo.com/teacher-rollout-resources/
Edmodo School Codes:
High School = 0ju6b6
Jr High = 4z84sq
Jefferson = jlem13
Crosby = xbqw8b
Washington = fp4vri
Weebly: http://www.weebly.com/
“Weebly is perfect for creating classroom websites, student e-portfolios, and websites for assigned projects. Our drag & drop website editor is stunningly simple to use, and appropriate for use with students of all ages. Weebly enables your students to express themselves creatively using a variety of multimedia features, all within a protected environment that you control.”
Beginners Guide is found here: http://help.weebly.com/beginners-guide.html
Google Sites: Create a class site and edit it the same way you'd edit a document -- no technical expertise required. Your site can bring together all the information you want to share with your colleagues and students, including docs, calendars, photos, videos and attachments. More information about your Google account will be coming next week. Once you have your Google Apps for Education account information, you can use this feature.
Getting started tutorial is found here: https://sites.google.com/site/mflynchsites/getting-started

Once you have created your new site, please send the URL to the helpdesk and we will be happy to publish a link to your classroom website. We will be offering workshops for each of these programs throughout the year, but as always, we are happy to assist and train on an individual basis at your request.
District Policy on Web Pages
  • No student photos or last names
  • Obtain parent permission to use student work on district web site
  • Content must be approved by principal
  • Publishing within or outside cbsd.org web server
  • Mandatory links on each page

Copyright Information

Copyright Exclusions - Fair Use Factors

Copyright Chart

For more information on copyrights:

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